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Skill updates needed

Like the other apps and online skill calculators skill do not reflect changes to NB siphoning tree. The agony skill no longer exists and is now a life sacrifice ability.

Can’t log in

This app is great I’ve used it for a long time but currently I can’t log in. I am using the correct username and password but it won’t work

Amazing for console players

This app is great. Being a console player now, I lack the helpful addons that I grew accustomed to on PC. Being able to see informative maps and tracking what you’ve collected on said maps on a second device(my phone) is such a convenience. Edit: I figured out how to add skills and sets on the build creator by swiping from right to left. This feature is amazing and was my only issue with the app(even though I already gave it 5 Stars). I would now give it 7 Stars if I could! This feature is perfect for nerds like me who love to come up with interesting builds(and rarely get around to playing them all).

Could Be 5-Stars

The overworld maps are helpful, the builds are generally useful, only thing that could bring it up to 5 for me would be Delve, Public Dungeon, Group Dungeon and Trial maps.


I actually have a question for the developer. How can I sync with my playstation? I can’t sign into it so I can see my progress with my character?


wish they would place sky-shard icons on the map. also, make the icons clickable to track progress. [update]- completely missed it... yes, this functionality is there. thanks!

AWESOME!! Definitely worth the small price.

I have used this app now for the better part of a year, it is proving very useful and helpful. The “builds” are solid and get you pointed in the right way. The maps are also on track and lead you directly to your objective; very helpful for skyshards/lorebooks, treasure maps, surveys, mundus stones, way-shrines, etc... Overall it’s a well thought out and well constructed application, I highly recommend it and that’s why I gave it five stars.

Great Help for Crafers

So handy to have this app to coordinate research on multiple characters. Plus, it’s good for trying out alchemy combinations for Master Writs and learning the trails of all the reagents.

A lot of missing info

Not all the skyshards are on the map in the zones that you provide


I talked quite a few of my guild members into buying this app! I use every feature of it and its totally worth every penny! BUY IT!!!!!!!

Good app

Little glitch and more newb oriented but still useful.

Can't save character

I have tried both options to save a character to no avail I tap the floppy icon to save but nothing happeneds it seems the button is broken. The sign in option keeps telling me my username pass combo is incorrect. It is not. Please fix I love literally everything else about this app besides not being able to track progress.

Must have companion app!! (Review Updated)

Updated Review: Developer fixed the issue with items being blocked by the iPhone X notch. App is a must have for ESO! Very impressed by the fast fix. ———— Nice companion app for Xbox, since we can’t have the add-ons like PCs. My only suggestion is optimizing the app for iPhone X. Some of the different pages are blocked out by the infamous “notch” and almost unusable.

Motifs page broken

Doesn’t sync motifs correctly and after opening a motif chapter, you need to reload the page to continue.

Now that’s service

I asked for the below update. Next day it was there. Thanks! ——— Please update the available motifs. Don’t have Apostles yet. Perhaps others too. Keeping tack of the motifs I can craft is the major use I make of this app

Great app for console

This app is great. I have had it for a few years now and it still gets updates. Info is accurate and there is a ton of things you can track. A must for new users is to read the in app FAQ once you do it all becomes pretty easy to use. One of the best things i ever got for eso

Couldn't run my events without it

I've been running "Zone Farm" events- where we go through a zone doing Dolmens, world bosses, delves, skyshards, lorebooks, and public dungeons. I couldn't do it without this app! Also great for surveys and treasure maps. The only things I would like to see added are public dungeon group events and points of interest. Other than that it's perfect!

Great app, but could be better.

The Skyshard and Lorebook markers are what really made the app for me. The ability to check off and hide the ones you’ve already collected is so convenient for console players without addons. There are a couple features that seem odd not to include though, like extending that capability to delves or a list of skill points to do the same with. Aside from that everything you might need to look for is right there in the app though. If they added a skill calculator, I wouldn’t need any other resource at all.

Great companion app

Essential for console players. Gets better with every update. 👍

Great resource, well maintained

I use this primarily for map features. The fact that it has maps for every zone AND every dungeon makes it invaluable to me. I have used this literally hundreds of times for shard hunting, lord books, finding bosses, and lots of other stuff. In. Value. Able.

Really well put together!

This app looks so good and clean and the features are really useful. I only wish Xbox would give support for linking these sorts of things like PC can. Well worth the $2 though.

Lorebook locations inaccurate

Overall, the maps are excellent and helpful but only 2 or 3 of the Lorebook markers I've checked throughout every area were duds. Nothing. Only found a couple of books. Needs to be updated. I did better randomly exploring areas.

Xbox Review

Jaywics here on NA Server and this is the only way to sky-shard farm on the console. Well worth $2. I'd pay $5 easy. Download today and it will save you a ton of google searches.

Excellent App!

This App is excellent! It lacks a few things that could make it 5 stars! A couple of shard and book locations need updates. I would also add locations of random treasure chests as well.

PC Linked Characters Only, Console Players Beware

Didn't realize that this app, leaves console players out in the cold. I got this to help me flush out and build my character. But since this app is only capable of loading PC Characters and NOT Console Characters. I was surprisingly disappointed. But I do however like this apps other features. The map and locations of items and places seems very developed and detailed. The list of Sets is also very nice.

Even better with update app

The maps and interaction are just what I was looking for. Much easier than shuffling through old pages in search engines looking for locations of items. 10.26.2016-I like the added tracking list for crafting with character swap is a nice touch, saves me from going to the crafting station every time I have a question about what I can craft. This is a useful app. 07.21.2017- This is the best update so for with the screen orientation, latest ESO info makes this app top notch. I use it almost daily for pouring over maps and searching. A bargain for 2.99us

Good app for basic ES0 achievement searches

Right now my only complaint is the feature allowing you to log into your ESO account, presumably to access your character(s) and to view and update your achievements. However, I have issues logging in the app indicates my access is non-existent, but I verified with ESO and it's all good. Otherwise is a good resource app - 4 Stars

Phenomenally helpful

Excellent for lorebook, skyshard, motif, achievement hunting because it lets you track your progress. Lots of other features which i havent used yet, but how easy it makes my lorebook and skyshard hunting makes it a must have.

A Completionists Dream Come True

Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I love it!

Great App for people looking to find everything

Easy to toggle off what you find and great info explaining how the app works.

It has a lot of great information but can use more

For some reason the touch controls feel a little strange at times. Unresponsive. Other than that I don't have a problem with the interface. The only thing missing from the app is more builds for many different combinations of class, race, role etc.

Awsome app

Couldn't make it through this game without this app

This is a consoles players answer to prayers!!!

No more will you have to go to an outdated Dulfy for skyshard or Most Lore book location they are all here zone by zone, on top of tons of other helpful tools that PC players with addons take for granted. I see via twitter they are constantly looking to improve and update too which means the creators care about this product. Totally worth they buy. Create a Toon and keep track of everything with it. The only thing I hope to see in the future is if we can upload our toons directly into the app for the tracking of various achievements in the game.

Great app for console players

Very useful if you play on console. Right at your fingertips is every lorebook, skyshard, delve, and everything else you can think of. I hope they hurry up with the Morrowind update!

Best Effin app on my phone!!!!!

Love this app

Best ESO App for Consoles

This app has been very helpful since I switched from PC to PS4. Not being able to have add-ons for things like skyshards and lore books makes playing the console version tedious, however this app has changed that. Also the little descriptions for each one is very helpful in locating them. The only thing I wish it had right now, is the ability to check off the dungeons you have already completed. Not sure if this is already apart of the app though. I am definitely looking forward to more improvements!

Amazing app

This app is amazing

Good If Starting Out, Ok If Not, Needs Work

If you're just starting a brand new toon and don't have any ingame addons telling you where locations, lore books and skyshards are and have no knowledge of alchemy or builds then this guide is great. If you're used to the game and have leveled a few toons then it's not great. It's kind of nice to have a searchable description of all armor sets and an alchemy simulator but really that's about all their is. I'm not gonna go back and enter all info for a toon. Also, a lot the build guides are now outdated and don't use the new CP trees or account for sustain changes. I think a good addition to this app that would make it well worth it for everyone would be a stat simulator where you can enter any race and armor sets along with cp and class skills/passives etc., to get an idea of what a certain build would look in terms of numbers.

Quite valuable

As a new player, this definitely helped me get going, especially as I started a number of characters to see which class I liked best. After a while I couldn't remember what I had and hadn't collected. The app keeps track of all this by the individual character. Plus, it's easy to read and well organized.


Very basic info you can google quicker

Super Skill Advancement

Skyshard Waypoints I can make it's amazing how useful this is. i love it. I just made an impulse decision to buy it after seeing reviews I know so much about every section now it's rediculous I'm a quick learn.

Eso app

Some of the survey markers are wrong I.e. Woodworking Malabal Tor


Is only missing locales and that would put this app above the rest with its amazing interface. 5 stars once locales support is added.

Loved the previous version.

Do not like this one yet. The instructions are very unclear. I just want to get the old app back. I would not recommend this unless you are just starting the game. It would take me hours of valuable game time to fill in all my achievements and builds. Please give me back the original version.

A must for collecting

This is a great app to keep track of your collecting. Also great for alchemy. I gave 5 stars because of the usefulness but it is a bit clunky to use for awhile. Once you wrap your head around it though it's not bad. Does need some stuff added like enchanting so I don't need to have a separate app just for that.

Don't play the game without it!

I'm a dad of two young children. I don't have hours a day to wander around wasting time. This app is crucial for time management. 100% recommend this app for any eso fan!

Extremly useful

Best elder scrolls online app available

Awesome for us console players!

It gets the job done, keep up the good work, thank you.

Now it's worth using

Prior to this latest update this app was only ho hum. Not great but not horrible. I would have given it 3 stars. Since the update it is 100% better. Good job.

10/10 would bang again

The app is great. Incredibly convenient. Has everything I need, without having to fire up the computer; looking back and forth from my Xbox.

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